How can Banks & NBFCs Automate Aadhaar Masking and Ensure Safe CKYC Verification?

How can Banks & NBFCs Automate Aadhaar Masking and Ensure Safe CKYC Verification?

Authored by: Mohammed Mansoor    Reading Time: 03 min 08 sec

Financial institutions, including banks, NBFCs, and insurance companies, process and store the Aadhaar images of their customers.

It is a common form of identification for opening bank accounts, KYC, tax returns, loan processing, and other banking services. According to UIDAI, processing unmasked Aadhaar copies violates the guidelines and constitutes a significant reputational and financial risk.

This blog explains how iSolve CKYC API integration platform automates the Aadhaar masking process.

Aadhaar masking automation
Aadhaar masking automation

What is Aadhaar masking?

The first eight digits of the Aadhaar number captured in the application form as ID proof are masked during the masking procedure, while the last four digits are left unmasked.

Other demographic data, such as name, date of birth, gender, residence, and QR code remain unchanged. Before being permanently kept in a database system, the data is digitally authenticated by the competent authority UIDAI and masked at the point of capture.

Why is Aadhaar masking necessary?

The master guidance on KYC standards was amended in May 2019 by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). As part of this update, the RBI required all regulated institutions to mask their customers’ Aadhaar numbers.

UIDAI launched Masked Aadhaar ID to address the heightened risk of information misuse by introducing an additional layer of protection. Where providing the Aadhaar number is unnecessary, masked ID can be used for eKYC as only the last four digits are displayed.

iSolve’s AI-based Aadhaar masking solution

The iSolve CKYC platform is equipped with an AI Aadhaar masking API that provides contextual data identification and classification to disguise the Aadhaar number of documents while maintaining complete data security.

The API provides real-time and bulk masking of Aadhaar numbers. Since the platform handles documents contextually, there are no size or orientation restrictions on Aadhaar copies.

Our CKYC platform is equipped with innovative OCR technology that recognizes the ID data to be masked, ensuring regulatory compliance.

Our Solution offers:

      • Aadhaar numbers can be concealed in various formats, including PDF, JPEG, and TIFF.
      • Supports both real-time and batch modes.
      • Achieves an accuracy rate greater than 95%.
      • Providing complete data security.

Mask customer information with high accuracy!!

The iSolve CKYC API integration software with advanced data masking is a custom-built solution designed to enable you to detect and mask Aadhaar photos with a single click.

We have achieved up to 99% accuracy and can interface with your apps using a set of secure APIs. In addition, our cutting-edge technology enables you to mask Aadhaar photos that are skewed by up to 180 degrees and contain background, shadows, etc.

Interested in our CKYC API software with data encryption? You can schedule a meeting with our expert, and we would be happy to help you. You can also contact us by email at for further information.

Mask Your Customer’s Aadhaar Number with a single click!

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