iSolve Aadhaar masking API: Protect your customer's sensitive information in real-time

iSolve Aadhaar masking API: Protect your customer's sensitive information in real-time

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Aadhaar is a unique 12-digit identification number that acts as proof of address and identity when accessing financial products and services.

Using unmasked Aadhaar copies by banks and NBFCs is restricted, whether for storage or during the onboarding process. This not only violates RBI regulations but also poses financial and reputational risks.

Masking aadhaar photos can be tedious and time-consuming since banks process hundreds of onboarding applications daily. iStart eliminates this complex and time-consuming operation by integrating the Aadhaar Masking API into our CKYC platform.

iStart Aadhaar Masking API
Aadhaar Masking API Solutions
iStart Aadhaar Masking API
Aadhaar Masking API Solutions

Checklist on RBI guidelines for Aadhaar masking

In May 2019, the RBI revised the master direction of KYC guidelines for regulated entities. As part of the Aadhaar e-KYC online process, one of these modifications made it obligatory for all RBI-regulated institutions to mask the Aadhaar numbers of their consumers.

Important guidelines:

      1. The first eight digits of your customer’s Aadhaar number should be masked or replaced with asterisks, but the remaining four digits should be visible. The QR code must also be masked. Customers can easily download the masked and compliant version using the password-protected electronic Aadhaar.
      2. The demographic information, including name, date of birth, gender, and address, remains visible. The financial institution should encrypt Aadhaar images at the point of capture before storing them permanently.
      3. UIDAI manages Aadhaar and related rules, which are overseen by multiple bodies, including RBI, IRDAI, TRAI, and SEBI. Any RBI-regulated enterprise collecting Aadhaar cards for identification and onboarding purposes must mask or blackout the Aadhaar number before filing and storing.

Challenges for Banks and NBFCs on Aadhaar masking

The existing KYC procedure entails several phases of human interaction, including gathering and submitting relevant documentation, scanning and uploading hard copies to management systems, and manual verification.

As a result, banks and NBFCs have an uncategorized and unsegregated pool of customer-proof photos on their systems. Categorizing KYC papers to improve the client experience and streamline the procedure is essential.

Under the RBI-mandated KYC requirements, using AI and automation technology to conceal Aadhaar in the shortest time possible is permissible. The finserv can use powerful AI technologies to recognize 12-digit AADHAAR numbers from photos and videos.

iStart Aadhaar Masking API Solution

iStart’s AI-powered Aadhaar processing solution facilitates the identification, extraction, validation, and masking of Aadhaar images, as well as the effective digitalization of end-to-end Aadhaar processing for the seamless onboarding of customers.

Our system is built on OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and NLP (Natural Language Processing), enabling you to sort and categorize your existing and new Aadhaar data from various formats while providing the quickest TAT.

Key Features & Benefits:

      1. Real-time and Instant Masking
      2. Bulk Masking Capabilities
      3. Streamlined API-based Integrations
      4. Multiple Document Formats Supported
      5. Robust User Data Privacy, Security & Compliance

Get Started Today!!

Our sophisticated Aadhaar API masking ensures a smooth connection with your existing workflows and processes, easing your compliance journey.

iStart’s Aadhaar Masking Solution can partially or wholly conceal the Aadhaar number in real-time. Our solution can be used for both new and current customer records.

Contact our solution expert or email us at to learn more. Let us understand your needs by scheduling a consultation now.

Ensure Compliance with UIDAI via Our Seamless Aadhaar Masking Solution!

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