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What is CKYC & How it Works?

Central Know Your Customer (CKYC) is an initiative of the India Government where a centralized registry of KYC records of customers in the financial sector is maintained. The objective of the initiative is to have a structure in place that allows investors to complete their KYC only once, thereby reducing the burden of producing KYC documents every time a new investment is made with various entities.

It works by uploading customers/individual’s KYC data and images into the CKYC-R through the financial institution and retrieving the unique 14 digit CKYC number. A CKYC automated solution that assists the financial institution in meeting the Guidelines and prerequisites of CERSAI, RBI, IRDA, and PFRDA rules.

iSolve’s CKYC software isn’t simply used to upload CKYC documents; its unique CKYC framework ensures a start to finish measure at the board of the whole CKYC flow. With simple APIs or file transfers, it effectively incorporates with any heritage information base framework or back-office arrangement of the establishment. The registry for Central KYC or CKYC is CERSAI; which is responsible for keeping the information records for each KYC that is conveyed.

14 digit CKYC number linked with ID proof

Data stored in an encrypted format

Submitted documents are verified with issuers

All financial institutions will be notified when there is a change in KYC details

Our CKYC Integration Application Services

CERSAI CKYCR API Integration Application Software Solutions for Banks & Financial Institutes

CKYCR Integration for Banks & Financial Institutes

Fully compliant and automated CKYCR integration application software for banks, insurance & other financial reporting entities.

CERSAI CKYCR Integration Application Software for Legal Entities (LEs)

CKYCR Integration for Legal Entities (LEs)

Web/Cloud based CKYCR api integration application platform for SME, MSME & other corporate loan lenders.

Video-KYC Software Solutions (VKYC) for Financial Services

VKYC for Digital Customer Onboarding

Stay ahead of the curve with our state of art video-kyc digital customer onboarding application solutions.

Aadhaar EKYC Integration Application Software for NBFC’s & Fintech

Aadhaar e-KYC Integration for NBFC’s

Simplify your investors & customers account opening with our intelligent Aadhaar based e-KYC api integration.

iSolve CKYC Platform Helps You Go

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Why iSolve for CKYC Integration

Seamless BFSI Platform Integration

Hassle-free APIs integration with zero disruptions on existing banking/financial system

Intelligent Automation Process

Complete CKYC automation life cycle with zero manual intervention enhancing overall business productivity

Highly Customizable

Customization can be done based on your requirements from start to finish

Detailed Dashboards

100% visibility of all your processes; detailed reports

Our CKYC Integration Platform Features

Capture Customer Details

Enrich customer data with the CKYC platform

Interface with CERSAI

Communicate with ease to CERSAI

Scan | Crop | Verify customer documents

Digitize and verify documents at ease

Real-time Responses & Metrics

Monitor CERSAI responses in easy to understand the iFlow dashboard

Comprehensive Dashboard

Monitor your business with key reports, metrics & forecast

Design, Develop, Implement & Hosting

Direct cost saving, focus on your core business

Upload to CERSAI

Secured upload of a file to CERSAI

Customizable Actions in iFlow

Edit, modify, update image & data based on CERSAI requirement

API Search

Search to CERSAI with API integration

Business Analytics & Insight

Monitor operations anywhere

Auto Compress Files and Batch Creation

Automated file compression and batch creation for validated data

Technology Features

iSolve CKYC Application Software Features

Various types of CBS integration - Automation

Integrate with Multiple CBS to manage CKYC

SFTP Storage security

CERSAI communication via SFTP for upload & download of customer documents with zero data breach

Image optimization – Automation

Auto optimization of images on CERSAI parameters

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Frequently Asked Questions

As per RBI guidelines, know your customer (KYC) and identity management for legal entities has been mandated from April 1st 2021. REs should upload LEs KYC data for accounts opened on or after April 1, 2021, on to CKYCR in terms of Rule 9 (1A) of the PML Rules.

Yes there is a separate KYC application form for verification of Legal Entity account holder. The updated form is available in CERSAI portal.

CKYC API Integration is a cloud based application which connects with central KYC records registry to send/receive requests and responses for customer KYC verification and identification.

The public authority of India set up CERSAI (Central Registry of Securitization Asset Reconstruction and Security Interest of India) and has approved it to play out the elements of a Central KYC Registry, where it gets, stores, protects and recovers the KYC records in a digitalized format.

CKYC stands for Central Know Your Customer is initiated by the Government of India under which an enrolled customer is given a unique CKYC number that is valid and used across the BFSI sectors like banking, insurance, mutual funds, provident funds, and other services. This is exceptionally helpful as the consumer doesn't need to enlist himself independently with each other financial institution he cooperates with.

Need to submit the below set of documents while submitting a Central KYC form:

  • Filled & signed the CKYC application form
  • Identity Proof (Self-attested copy)
  • Residency Proof(Self-attested copy)
  • One photograph.

iSolve CKYC compliance management helps banks, financial institutions, NBFCs (Non-Banking Financial Company), e-Wallet companies and other lending companies.

iSolve’s CKYC platform offers the best CKYC solution for all your compliance requirements. We offer customized solutions for various financial institutions. These include:

One stop solution for all your CKYCR compliance