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Reduce 95% of Customer Onboarding Cost Using iSolve Digital KYC Solutions

Aadhaar EKYC Application Software Solutions for NBFCs & Fintechs

As per RBI regulations, NBFCs can now utilize Aadhaar enabled EKYC to verify their customers. The introduction of Aadhaar enabled EKYC verification has removed tiring and time-consuming multiple KYC authentications for Fintech and NBFC customers.

iSolve provides intelligent digital know your customer (KYC) application software solutions for identity verification and due diligence. We provide image-based EKYC, Video-based VKYC, Aadhaar based paperless offline KYC solutions for fintech and NBFC service providers. Our KYC compliance platform is specially designed and developed to cut the customer onboarding TAT for loans, mutual funds & other account openings.

iFlow CKYC utilizes advanced intelligent process automation, machine learning (ML) & OCR techniques to match the face, verify identity and accurately extract the customer’s demographics from officially valid documents (OVD) for KYC verification.

In conjunction with our document management solution, we can manage the complete operations relating to loans and mutual funds processing. This includes scanning, cropping, easy search and retrieval and digitization of processes.

iFlow CKYC - Secure Customer Onboarding With Aadhaar based EKYC Solutions

Aadhaar based paperless EKYC API Integration Application Software Solutions for NBFC and Fintech service providers
Aadhaar EKYC for Paperless KYC Verification

iFlow CKYC is an end to end digital KYC software application designed and developed specially for Fintech and NBFC service providers. It is fully compliant with RBI regulations & KYC norms. NBFC and Fintech service providers can reduce manual interventions using our digital KYC application platform by enhancing their operational efficiency.

Our web/cloud based Aadhaar EKYC integration solution is tailor made for NBFC and Fintech service providers to verify, manage & monitor customer KYC data. It is cost efficient, more adaptable and easily deployable. The user friendly temperament of our Aadhaar EKYC application software ensures that there is maintainability, reusability, minimum manual intervention, and incremental delivery of products.

Our Digital KYC Application Software Solutions

CKYCR Integration for Legal Entities (LEs)

Web/Cloud based CERSAI CKYCR api integration application platform for SME, MSME & other corporate loan lenders.

Video KYC for Digital Customer Onboarding

Stay ahead of the curve with our state of art video-kyc digital customer onboarding application solutions.

CKYCR Integration for Banks & Financial Institutes

Fully compliant and automated CKYCR integration application software for banks, insurance & other financial reporting entities.

CKYCR Integration for Digital Payment Platform

Hassle-free CERSAI CKYCR API integration to bulk upload/download verified KYC customer records.

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