iSolve: A Robust and Scalable Activation Management Service Provider for Telecom Operators

India has established itself as one of the youngest and fastest growing economies of the world today. And one of the sectors that has shown propitious signs of profitability and contributions to the country’s economy is the Telecom industry. As the sector opened up to a phase of evolution and development, the Indian Telecom industry has indeed, gained recognition as one of the most lucrative markets globally. Operators are transforming their networks into absorbent digital platforms with the confluence of internet, IoT, social media, mobile computing and cloud services. As the industry revels in its agile business models, fast paced and disruptive innovation, and the dynamically changing industry landscape, the telecom operators are faced with a new dilemma. Meeting strict regulatory norms while seeking partnerships with nimble footed companies to achieve business goals have become mandatory. Besides this, the operator has to ensure timely activation of lines while delivering quality services across all spheres.

Headquartered in Chennai, iSolve Technologies provides a comprehensive set of solutions for prepaid, postpaid and allied services that enable the service provider to achieve the desired growth without compromising on Compliance. iFlow, iSolves’s Platform based delivery model, provides an end to end ERP solution for CAF (Customer Application Form) Compliance Audit. iSolve is perhaps the only company in India that can deliver a start to end service on 100 percent digital /image based inputs; their services include, CAF pick up, Data Capture, Audit, Scanning & Indexing and Storage & Retrieval and Warehousing. iSolve is a trusted partner for the best of Telecom Operators in India and has a 10 year track record of successful scaling and management of vast operations for their customers.

Explaining 3 key differences in iSolve’s model, Mr. Parthasarathy, Managing Director & CEO said, “Firstly, iSolve has a unique Growth Partnering Approach with its customers. Our growth is closely tied with that of our customers in a shared risk ambience. Secondly, we regularly fine tune our operations to deliver a Guaranteed Outcome. Thirdly, we bring in all the intellectual horsepower and investment capital and get paid a transaction fee – customer earns and then pays – zero burden on cash flow”. iSolve has mastered the Outcome based Revenue model over the last 10 years with its Global customer engagements with much success and respect. Fully owned and developed by iSolve, the iFlow platform captures the complete life cycle of Customer Acquisition throughout the circle at all levels. Furthermore, it ensures a seamless integration with any telecom company’s native software, right from the collection of switch data till the activation. iFlow tracks a customer right from the moment a SIM card is sold at the retailer and performs a host of regulatory checks to sift the genuine subscriber from the errant ones and recommend activation. iFlow mandates scanned CAFs as inputs right at the start; the big advantage is that even Rejected Customers are carefully preserved in the system for future analysis and verification. The seamless integration of all activities allows online tracking at all times. Additionally, iFlow provides extensive dashboards and business reports. “All these not only lead to a reduced operational expense and increased customer acquisition but also lesser occurrences of fines and penalties”, says Chitra, Director& CFO. Furthermore, as the system is completely transparent, it provides for 100 percent accountability and process discipline, which instills trust in the minds of stakeholders as the platform expedites the activation cycle to within 2 to 6 hours.

Increasing Customer Satisfaction via iClick
iSolve has a solid Process Consulting and Technology Development Team that consistently innovates and implements new solutions. A case in point – some years ago when distributors in remote areas complained of power cuts hampering their work, iSolve implemented iClick, an Android app based Acquisition mode. This captures CAFs, Proof of Address (POA) and Proof of Identity (POI) as PDF, which can then be uploaded to iFlow. The Distributor is now able to use Mobiles / Tablets to quickly complete customer activations even without a PC. Besides capturing forms using a mobile camera, iClick is capable of combining CAF, POA and POI into a multipage PDF. “iClick has significantly improved the turnaround time in processing the CAFs leading to increased customer satisfaction. This is a clear case of a Telecom company effectively showcasing their product for own benefit!” adds Kishore Kumar, Head of Technology and Process Development.

Distributors who are use iFlow agree that the automation has helped them to significantly reduce their manpower and focus on the business. “It is easy to use and keep track of all data for each of my 200 resellers. No need to maintain excel sheets. I was employing 3 people only to track and a report daily sale, now this is all online,” says the owner of a leading Distributor. “iFlow has helped the Distribution Channel substantially optimize on operational costs and time. The online dashboards give’to the minute’ information on daily performances and earnings instantly and this you get only with iSolve”, says Srivatsan, Head of Business Growth and Operations. iSolve’s Telecom Services, centered in their Coimbatore facility, works 24 x 7 and has dedicated teams for Processing, IT Support, Technology Development, Distributor Helpdesk and Warehouse Operations. “We are now ready with fresh innovations like the Digital Signature and the Aadhar checking to further simplify the activation process”, says Nandakumar, Senior Technology Analyst.

Studies by CIO’s internal team show that scalability in replicating technology platforms and processes leading is key to keep growth on the upswing. Partnership with progressive companies with track record of Reliability and Global Mindset is often a telling difference in success. IOT is the next major trend that will propel connected devices to a whole new level. The ability to develop innovative, new applications and services to dovetails with these trends will be an added plus for any partner. Successful teams show much willingness to creating world-class user interfaces and the best customer experience possible. Companies like iSolve are well positioned to capture this growth adequately.“What we like about iSolve is that they are ahead of the curve all the time”, said an industry observer while a senior executive of a leading Telecom Company noted that iSolve has the perfect blend of technology strength, operational excellence and growth appetite that resulted in iSolve becoming a great asset to them.


Facilitating paperless law firms via iLaw
Understanding the indispensable need of their Law firm clients to go paperless, iSolve has developed web based Law Firm Management software that goes by the name, iLaw. iLaw helps law firm managers to manage their day to day operations such as Client Management, Documentation, Payment Tabs and Generate timely payment alerts through email and SMS to name a few. A premium online client services repository has been incorporated into iLaw called E-Vault, which enables a lawyer to store, access, analyze and manage legal information and risk related to each of his/her clients individually. iLaw enables lawyers to assign individual login ids to their clients so that they may access information pertaining to them. This allows clients to get a holistic view of their case information on E-Vault. This system not only enables a simplified retrieval of information but also ensures a secure and an environment friendly document exchange platform.

E-Vault is a premium online client repository that has been incorporated into iLaw. E-Vault enables lawyers to store, access, analyze and manage legal information and risk related to each of their clients individually. Since separate login ids are provided by the lawyers to their clients, E-Vault proves to be a secure and an environment friendly document exchange platform. Moreover, the maintenance of the entire case history as well as the retrieval of information is simplified to a great extent.

Triumphant Illustrations of iSolve’s Solutions
Standing testimony to the effectiveness of the company’s solution is one of UK’s leading telecom giants who enjoy a major share in South India. As a result of implementing the BPM solutions that iSolve provides, the client was able to top the rank in terms of their business performance across India. The solutions enabled the client to adhere to compliance while assisting them to reduce their TTM constraints. Besides, the client could improve on their flexibility and adapt according to the dynamic market that seemed to change overnight. Additionally, the solutions facilitated the client to expand their scope while being scalable and helped them to reach out to the grey areas.

About iSolve Technologies:​

iSolve Technologies is a Business Transformation company. We partner with our customers, understand their business, hypothesize and analyze process gaps, build strategy and bring 100% visibility to every step of the operation with innovative technology. We work with some of the best brands across the world and serve a variety of sectors including banking, BFSI, logistics, publishing, retail solutions, real estate, healthcare solutions, telecom, engineering, asset management and much more.