i2A TSP: Finserv can now seamlessly integrate into the AA Platform

i2A TSP: Finserv can now seamlessly integrate into the AA Platform

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Account Aggregator is the most discussed FinTech disruption in recent times. It is a framework proposed by RBI, and it is a consent-based digital platform that may aggregate customers’ complete financial data in silos with many entities under one platform.

The AA ecosystem enables customers to share their encrypted financial data from several FIPs to FIUs via a centralized API-based infrastructure.

i2A serves as a TSP, assisting FIUs and FIPs in developing this architecture and generating the APIs required for integration with the AA system.

i2A TSP for Account Aggregators

While the benefits of AA are substantial for both institutions and customers, there is a requirement for a solid technical architecture to transfer and decode the data effectively. The customer interacts with the AA system through an app or web-based application to give consent.

i2A enables the ecosystem to function via a standard set of APIs to promote the secure, seamless, and consent-based transfer of a variety of financial information between FIPs and FIUs.

Why TSPs are vital in an AA ecosystem?

Typically, financial institutions develop their own solutions to comply with the AA framework. However, most financial institutions rely on a tailored technical service provider to on-board the AA system because:

      1. i2A features foundational modules that connect the company’s existing solution to the AA ecosystem and operate as a single point to manage all the integration architecture, saving the time required for integrations.
      2. i2A is a reliable TSP partner who is an expert in AA architecture and supports a faster rollout and ensures proper feature updates. This also assures that the organization complies with the ever-changing AA technical standards specified by ReBIT.
      3. APIs defined by ReBIT are currently challenging for companies to adopt since they require a digital signature and complex encryption. i2A addresses these obstacles so that FIP and FIU can instantly integrate into the AA platform using a plug-and-play setup.
      4. Our TSP solutions can provide data analysis dashboards, scorecards, and models that can act as inputs for the FIU’s unique analytical tools.
      5. i2A TSP solutions are interoperable, so they are compatible with all account aggregators and support all FIU use cases. In addition, they can aid in refining and curating customer journeys to foster trust and assist financial institutions to make their services more accessible to end users.

i2A - A one-stop entry into the world of AA

For a financial institution looking to get onboarded to the AA ecosystem, identifying the appropriate AA and TSP might be a cumbersome process. While there are other TSPs in India, i2A stands out for its commitment to streamlining the onboarding process for its partners.

i2A is a straightforward ReBIT-compliant AA platform integration solution. It is equipped with RBI-mandated APIs and digital signatures to enable seamless onboarding and data flow for partner organizations.

To learn more, please contact our solution expert or email us at business@isolve.global. Schedule a consultation to assist us in determining your needs.

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