Aadhaar-based Paperless
EKYC Integration Solution for Financial Services

Aadhaar-based Paperless
EKYC Integration Solution for Financial Services

Online Aadhaar-based EKYC Solution for Banks & NBFCs

iSolve offers intelligent digital EKYC software solution with UIDAI integrated Aadhaar-based KYC verification process. It is a paperless offline KYC solution that reduces 80% of compliance operation cost for Banks and NBFC service providers. Our KYC compliance platform is specially designed and developed to cut the KYC verification turnaround times for opening demat accounts, bank accounts,loans, mutual funds, etc.
iSolve EKYC software integration solution utilizes advanced intelligent process automation, machine learning (ML) & ICR/OCR functionalities to collect, extract & validate customer’s officially valid documents (OVD) for KYC verification.

In conjunction with our document management solution, we can manage the complete operations relating to loans and mutual funds processing. This includes scanning, cropping, easy search and retrieval and digitization of processes.

Aadhaar-based EKYC Software API Integration Solution

Paperless EKYC Software Solution

Aadhaar based paperless EKYC API Integration Application Software Solutions for NBFC and Fintech service providers

iSolve EKYC solution is fully compliant with RBI regulations & KYC norms. Banks & NBFC service providers can reduce manual interventions using our digital KYC application platform by enhancing their operational efficiency.

Our Aadhaar-based EKYC integration solution is cost efficient, more adaptable and easily deployable. The user friendly temperament of our application ensures that there is maintainability, reusability, minimum manual intervention, and incremental delivery of products.

  • Public Sector Banks
  • Private Banks
  • Foreign Banks
  • Co-Operative Banks
  • Regional Rural Banks
  • Local Area Banks
  • Factoring Companies (Private)
  • Factoring Companies (Public)
  • Asset Reconstruction Companies
  • Financial Institutions
  • Housing Finance Companies
  • Security Trustee
  • NBFCS - Accepting Public Deposits
  • NBFCS - Not Accepting Public Deposits
  • Microfinance
  • e-Wallet digital banks
  • Digital Payment Companies
  • Digital Lending Companies
  • NBFC
  • Asset Management Companies

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Digitally Authenticate Your Customers with Aadhaar EKYC in 60 Secs!

Our Digital KYC Software Solutions

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Frequently Asked Questions

UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India) provides paperless eKYC API integration to electronically collect demographic details of Aadhaar holders for proof of identity (POI) and address (POA) verification. It is a secured and compliant KYC verification methodology used by financial service providers to instantly authenticate customer KYC.

UIDAI approved paperless offline Aadhaar eKYC application interface (API ) helps financial service providers to instantly collect digitally signed XML KYC document of customers. It contains their demographic details like name, address, gender, date of birth, mobile number, and email address to verify their proof of identity (POI) and address (POA).

Below are two types of Aadhaar eKYC approved by RBI.

1. Biometric verification: Customers have to complete their KYC verification by providing a 12 digit Aadhaar number along with biometric authentication such as fingerprint and retina scan.

2. OTP verification: The customer has to provide OTP sent by UIDAI to their registered Aadhaar number to complete the verification process.

Below are the two factors to consider while selecting eKYC service provider or vendor.

1. Only UIDAI approved eKYC licensed service providers can access the Aadhaar demographic details like name, address, gender, date of birth, mobile number, and email address to verify the customers.

In-house secured and compliant Aadhaar vault infrastructure to protect the customer's data.

Here are the three offline eKYC verification methods used by service providers.

1. Paperless offline eKYC: It allows service providers to electronically download digitally signed XML documents of customers from the UIDAI portal through API integration.

2. mAadhaar app: It allows service providers to extract Aadhaar demographic details through the mobile-based application.

3. QR Code Scan: Service providers have to scan the QR code given in the Aadhaar card using a QR scanning application to extract demographic details of the customers.

Recently, RBI has approved Banking, Non-banking (NBFC), microfinance (MFI) & payment system (FINTECH) service providers to utilize Aadhaar eKYC integration solution from licensed KYC User Agencies (KUA) to verify and authenticate their customers.