A Comprehensive Container Management Solution

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SMS Integration

SMS alerts on activities

iNavigator is Logistics Management Solutions, which helps you to properly track the record, Freight & Container. Our Logistics Management Solutions have some cool integrations such as Payment, rate cards management, location tracking, status of cargo & container and much more…¬†logistics management Software

logistics management Software

logistics management Software

iNavigator Services

Design, Develop, Implement & Hosting

Direct cost saving, focus on your core business

Customer Information

Detailed customer information on a touch of a button

Rate cards Management

Customised rate card for parties

Containers Tracking

Track containers with RFID

Tally Integration

Updation to tally made easy by integration

Deployed Location

Know where about of the container

Know Your Customer

Detailed information of the customer on a click

Separate Billing for Import/Export

Individual billing process for import / export

Credit/debit Party

Sergration of credit / debit prties

Container & Cargo Current status

Monitor container & cargo status from the stage of booking till container out