AI-powered Video KYC Software Solutions!

Our Video KYC Solution digitises end-to-end customer onboarding journeys by integrating geotagging, liveness detection, and OCR, thereby enhancing the process’s scalability, speed, and security.

  Video Customer Identification Process (V-CIP) 

  Real-time Data Extraction      

  Real-Time Officially Valid Document (OVD) Verification  

  Face match, Liveness checks & Geo-tagging System      

AI-powered Video KYC Software Solutions!

Enable frictionless video customer Identity Verification(V-CIP)  & remote account opening within minutes!

  Video Customer Identification Process (V-CIP)

  AI Facial Recognition System

  Video KYC with Aadhaar Offline & Online EKYC   

  Face match, Liveness checks & Geo-tagging System    

Easy Onboarding with
AI-powered Video KYC Solution

Our Video KYC Solution digitalizes end to end customer onboarding journeys from digital identity verification till account opening increasing the speed and efficiency of the process. Deliver a superior customer experience remotely from anywhere, anytime with cost-efficient onboarding system to open Bank, Demat or Credit accounts at short turnaround times.

With real-time face recognition and liveness check, our Video KYC software verify and validate the identity of In-call customer before onboarding in Banks, NBFCs, Mutual Funds, Insurance, Logistics, Telecom, Mobile Wallet services. The advanced AI/ML technology in our platform compares the customer OVD documents with live face to authenticate the proof of identity and address eliminating the possibilities of fraud activities.

  • In-person Video Verification
  • ID Card Parsing with OCR
  • Contactless Verification
  • Built-in DigiLocker Integration
  • Built-in Aadhaar Offline XML KYC
  • Geo-Location Tagging

Stunning Video KYC Software Features

Aadhaar XML support

Offline Aadhaar XML based customer verification with checks to support compliance as part of main workflow.

PAN Verification

Image of customer holding PAN is checked for clarity, and PAN details are checked against NSDL database.

AI-driven Liveness

Real-time liveness check to ensure and confirm customer appearance by screening his OVD through live video call.

Low Bandwidth Support

VKYC is tuned to work well in Low-bandwidth and erratic network conditions.

Video Kyc Mobile Mockup

Video Geo-tagging

Customer location (Geo-location) and timestamp are embedded in the video. Location is checked to be worldwide as per regulation.

AI-driven OCR

High accuracy AI-driven OCR to read and match ID card information. All valid PAN formats supported

AI-based Facematch

AI based facematch checks customer photo with Proof of identity and address with accuracy>99% even in low bandwidths.

Enterprise Grade Security

End-to-end encryption for video, channel, and communication

Video KYC Online Customer Onboarding Application

Video KYC Identification & Facial Recognition Software Solutions for Financial Services

iSolve VKYC platform offers RBI approved online customer identification procedure (V-CIP) through video KYC software solution for banks & financial services to enhance their customer experience. Our platform automates customer KYC verification & identification process to reduce the overall operational cost, increasing the business efficiency. It helps financial services to create strong customer relationships through enhanced due diligence & onboarding experience.

With advanced KYC | AML process automation and facial recognition, it enhances new customer acquisition through contactless, paperless & branchless video onboarding process. Financial institutes such as Banks, NBFCs, Asset & Wealth management services can digitally onboard and verify their customers within short turnaround times.
Compliant V-CIP Process with RBI Norms
Fast Customer Accounts Opening Approvals
10x faster customer onboarding
Cloud VCIP Solutions
Cloud V-CIP data Infrastructure
AI-facial identity system
AI-based facial recognition system
Low internet bandwidth engagements
AI Powered Facial ID Detection System
Video-based Customer KYC Identification (V-CIP) Software Solutions for Financial Services

Cloud-based Video Customer Identification (V-CIP) Solutions

  • Our cloud-based video identification system (V-CIP) is powered by an Artificial Intelligence facial detection and analysis system to eliminate potential threats and verify customers in real-time.
  • With consent-based video visual interactions, official authorized staffs can offer face to face personalized onboarding experience for customers.
  • It provides seamless uninterrupted interactions between customer and representative even at low internet bandwidths.
  • Our V-CIP software can be used to convert incomplete KYC accounts to fully compliant accounts.
  • Branchless & paperless periodic KYC updation of customer accounts (Re-KYC) remotely.
  • Secured V-CIP infrastructure development with easy integration to core database system.

Next-gen Video KYC Software Solution with Facial Recognition

Fully Integrated with Regulated KYC Utilities

  • Our platform is integrated with all SEBI regulated KYC utilities such as CERSAI CKYC, Aadhaar-based EKYC, NSDL, DigiLocker, KRA utilities, etc.
  • It provide intelligent API Integrations with KYC utilities to automatically collect, upload & download verified digital customer OVDs.
  • Reduces 80% compliance operation cost by eliminating manual KYC outreach.
  • Enhanced due diligence and risk management with intelligent KYC/AML check process.
  • Automatic database search lookups for quick retrieval of customer’s data.
Video KYC solution with fully Integrated regulated KYC Utilities
Digital E-Signature Integration Software Solutions for Financial Services

Digital E-Signature Integration

  • Increase process speed; enhance security and lower transaction costs with electronic signing system.
  • Integrated with Docusign & E-sign to allow customers to digitally sign their consent & declaration forms.

How Video KYC Platform Journey Works

How Video KYC Onboarding Journey Works

Our Digital KYC/AML Software Solutions

CKYC Integration for Regulated Entities

Fully compliant CKYC API
integration software solutions
for regulated entities.

Digital KYC Onboarding Solutions

Enterprise-grade digital KYC customer
onboarding software solutions for financial services.

Aadhaar eKYC Integration Solution

Simplify your customer's account opening with our intelligent Aadhaar-based eKYC API integration.

CKYC Integration for Legal Entities

CERSAI CKYC API integration to bulk upload/download verified
KYC customer records.

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Our Digital Solutions for Financial Services

Frequently Asked Questions

Video KYC is a digital method for verifying the identity of customers remotely using video calls. It's crucial for BFSI sectors as it ensures compliance with regulatory requirements while offering a convenient and secure onboarding experience for customers.

There are five steps involved in video KYC verification process.

Step 1:Capture - Customer ID & real-time image snapshot capture.
Step 2: Extract - Data extraction from the customer ID using ICR/OCR functionality.
Step 3: Verify - Customer KYC data verification with regulatory database integration.
Step 4: Locate - Identification of the customer location using Geo-tagging functionality.
Step 5: Onboard - Instant digital account opening with automated customer alert notifications.

Yes, We offer seamless integration options with core banking systems, customer relationship management (CRM) platforms, and other relevant software. This ensures a smooth onboarding process without disrupting existing workflows.

RBI has extended the scope of video KYC to convert pending periodic KYC accounts into fully compliant KYC accounts. It allowed small businesses, Regulated Entities (REs) & Legal Entities (LEs) to use the Video KYC solution for KYC updations.

Below are few important factors to consider before choosing Video KYC solution providers or vendors:

1. Product Demo

Ask for a complete product demo tour to know about the developed workflows in the application. This guided tour will reveal whether the application is built around your customer's needs or not.

2. Secured & Compliant Infrastructure

Make sure that the vendor follows RBI compliance guidelines for storing customer video footage, KYC data & other sensitive information in secured vaults to avoid data tampering or leakage.

3. Agile Technology

Vendors need to offer a seamless & uninterrupted low bandwidth video calling system to reduce customer drop-off rate.

4. Omnichannel Personalized Approach

A multi-device application is necessary to offer an omnichannel personalized experience for customers.

5. Technical Support

Last but not least. The vendor should have a highly trained technical team to support your operations 24/7.

It is a video-call-based contactless, paperless & branchless customer KYC verification process that can be carried out remotely with official representatives. Using the Video KYC platform, banks or regulated entities (REs) can virtually identify, verify & onboard customers within short turnaround times.

Our Video KYC solutions are designed to adhere to the strictest regulatory standards such as Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Counter-Terrorism Financing (CTF) regulations. By capturing and verifying customer identities through live video calls, our platform provides a robust audit trail to satisfy compliance requirements.

A reliable Video KYC solution should offer seamless integration with existing systems, advanced security measures such as biometric verification, real-time monitoring capabilities, and scalability to handle varying volumes of customer verification requests.