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Digital KYC Onboarding Solutions
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Build valuable customer first touchpoint experience with
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Digital Onboarding for Enhanced Customer Experience

Customer onboarding process is the “First Touchpoint” opportunity for financial services – from applying loans to signing up for a credit card or opening a new bank account. Digital transformation in customer KYC onboarding process has proven to reduce the operational costs by a big margin.

iStart 3.0 is an industry-leading digital KYC onboarding software solution that is developed to match customers digital needs with financial services. Our primary goal is to create a fully digital application to onboard customers virtually, anywhere within minutes!

From prospecting to account opening, iStart streamlines the end-to-end onboarding workflow transition of branch to digital approach. It allows financial teams to digitally perform the KYC verification & approval process with frictionless data collection. Our onboarding application easily integrates with the regulations, back-office workflow, and operational model of regulated financial services.

Digital Application Solutions for Remote Customer Onboarding
digital KYC onboarding application software solution for financial services

Digital KYC Onboarding Compliance Solutions

Customer KYC Identity Verification Software Solutions

The increase in regulatory compliance has made financial services to create paper-heavy & process intensive customer identity verification system.  These rigid KYC enhancements has doubled the operating costs for banks & financial services.

With built-in regulatory KYC compliance software solutions, iStart 3.0 provides seamless digital KYC/AML banking regulatory checks and KYC updations. Our platform offers CKYC, EKYC, VKYC & Re-KYC API integrations to enhance customer due diligence and lower operational costs.

CERSAI CKYC API Integration Software Solutions

CERSAI CKYC Integration

Our CERSAI CKYC software integration solution is an automated process for financial services to bulk upload/download their customer KYC records.

Aadhaar-based EKYC Software API Integration Solution

EKYC API Integration

Aadhaar and NSDL based eKYC software integration solution to accelerate client onboarding and account opening process through online KYC verification.
Video-based KYC Software Application Solution

Video KYC Solution

Video-based customer identity verification software solution (VKYC) with AI-powered facial recognition feature to enable remote onboarding process.

Features that Power Customer Onboarding!

frictionless kyc onboarding

Frictionless KYC Onboarding

    Create new customer accounts:
  • Using Pre-filled in application forms through ICR / OCR
  • Using digital application forms by capturing customer data
  • Using video-based customer KYC onboarding (VKYC) with a
    real-human agent

KYC AML Compliance

KYC/AML Compliance

    Automatically update existing customer accounts :
  • Using CERSAI CKYC API Integration for bulk upload/download of customer KYC
  • Re-KYC automation for periodic KYC updation
  • Using KYC/AML filters to elimate fraudlent activities

customer identity verification

Customer Identity Verification

  • AI-powered video-based customer identification (VCIP) using facial movement detection & photo capture technology to validate customer on call
  • Aadhaar-based eKYC authentication through secured vault

risk management system

Risk Management System

  • Integrated Maker/Checker functionality to review customer KYC documents for Risk profiling and categorization
  • De-duping functionality to identify Duplicate Customer Information File (CIF) existing in database on real time

Document record management system

Document Record Management System

  • Built-in Document / Data Records Management System (DMS) equipped with straight through processing (STP) electronic transfer system

fully integrated with all regulators

Fully Integrated with all Regulators

  • Readily integrated with regulators such as KRA, NSDL, Digi locker, UIDAI, etc to automatically collect (Official Valid Documents) OVDs

Instant account approval

Automated Alert Notifications

  • Instant account approval notification alerts through email, sms & whatsapp

digital signature authorization

Digital Signature Authorization

  • E-signature integration using docusign & esign allowing customers to digitally sign their consent & declaration forms

Real-time dashboards

Real-time Dashboards

  • Smart & customizable dashboards showcasing the real-time
    customer reports & data analytics

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Omnichannel Onboarding Experience!

Make Your Customer Onboarding Superior!

Omnichannel Digital Onboarding Application Software Solutions

iStart 3.0 creates personalized and user-friendly digital onboarding solutions. Our platform builds innovative & responsive engagements models to increase the customer onboarding experience.

iStart 3.0 for all your Digital Onboarding needs

Digital Client KYC Onboarding Software Solutions for Portfolio and Wealth Management Services

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KYC Onbording Solutions

Customer Digital KYC Onboarding Software Solutions for Banks & NBFCs

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KYC Onboarding Solutions

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