A Revolutionary Clipping Platform For Print Media Monitoring

Media Monitoring Software Solutions

Social Media Monitoring integration

Monitor the posts or feeds of a particular brand/ product from the Social Media Websites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube & Instagram

Web Crawling

Web Content Extraction from the websites, relative links, Extracted data can be auto exported to various formats, Keyword Search Results

Auto Clipping & Article Identification

Auto zoning of text content & Identification of editorial content and advertisement in newspaper and magazine print media monitoring services Media Monitoring Software Solutions

iClip Services

Supports meta data

Summarized information as per clients requirement

Image extraction & processing

Multi Language

Process Languages - dutch, danish, swedish, norwegian, french, english, spanish & italian (europe, US, UK, australia, canada)

Countdown timer to track TAT

Countdown timer to track TAT (at page level and publication level)

Customized PDF & XML output

Predefinied specification to get required output format. tagged as per schema and converted into XML including alto & mets features

Design, Develop, Implement & Hosting

Direct cost saving, focus on your core business

Incorporates a spread merger

Two parts of the image merger, output as single image

Real-time edit option

Real time edit option with character insert & removal option


Input automatically pre-specified sizes auto-combining fragmented images

Word split, Para identification, Auto tagging

Sophisticated algorithms to determine exact word boundaries, auto paragraph identification technique, auto identification of header, sub header, body text, image, author etc


Removes unwanted content from Input and optimizes for clipping content extraction accurately


Generates output as per client required specifications (PDF, XML including mets & alto features, image, & thumbnail etc..)


Media Monitoring Software Solutions