Automated Client Onboarding for Portfolio & Wealth Managers

Tailor-fit platform for Portfolio, Asset, Wealth, Capital, Securities, Mutual Fund, Trust & Family Office Services.

Automated Client Onboarding for Portfolio & Wealth Managers

Tailored-fit for Portfolio, Asset, Wealth, Capital, Securities, Mutual Fund, Trust & Family Office Services.

  Video KYC with Geo Tagging           Aadhaar Authentication          AI Facial Recognition

  KRA integration                                     Penny Drop                                      Digilocker integration

Client Onboarding Application Solutions!

iStart is an enterprise-grade client onboarding and KYC Compliance automated software application developed for Portfolio & Wealth Management services services.

It provides a faster and smoother client onboarding experience by digitizing the complex portfolio account opening & KYC identity verification workflows.

With built-in eKYC, VKYC & CKYC API Integration solutions, iStart provides fully compliant & risk-free KYC onboarding process for Portfolio, Asset, Wealth, Capital, Securities, Trust & Family office services.

Client KYC Onboarding Application Software Solutions for Portfolio & Wealth Management
Digital Only Platform

Powered by advanced technologies !

Fully integrated with Banking Regulators
Fully Integrated

Smart API connectivity with all KYC regulators !

Compliant with KYC Guidelines

Meets all regulatory compliance guidelines !

Ready to Use
Ready to Use

Tailored-fit platform for NBFCs !

Automate Your Client Onboarding with Digital KYC

Fully Compliant KYC Onboarding Solutions

CERSAI CKYC API Integration Software Solutions

KRA Integration

With KRA integration solutions, our platform enables one-time KYC verification with all SEBI regulated entities during client portfolio account opening.

Aadhaar-based EKYC Software API Integration Solution

Online EKYC Solution

Aadhaar enabled paperless EKYC API integration solutions to verify the proof of identity (POI) & proof of address (POA) of clients through secure data vault system.

Video-based KYC Software Application Solution

Video KYC Solution

Branchless & contactless video onboarding (VKYC) software solution to identify and verify on-call clients using facial recognition system.

4-Step Client Onboarding Process

iStart 3.0 Digital Client Portfolio Account Opening Workflow
    • Extract: ePAN, Digi locker, ICR/OCR API integration to extract OVDs’ and pre-fill account forms.
    • Verify: Aadhaar based eKYC integration solutions to collect and verify client data.
    • Capture: Video-based KYC (VKYC) & client identification (VCIP) solutions using facial & spoof detection feature to capture client presence.
    • Validate: Data validation using Maker/Checker functionalities to classify client risk potential.

Validating & onboarding every new customer manually is a costly, paper-heavy & time-consuming process. To transform this inefficient workflow, we have developed four step digital client KYC onboarding solution for investment management advisors to reduce complexity and increase revenue performance.

Onboarding Automation Benefits

Paperless & contactless remote onboarding

Quick & frictionless KYC verification

Intelligent client identity & validation system

Superior Client Digital Onboarding Benefits for Portfolio and Wealth Management Services

Seamless user navigation & personalization

Risk-free portfolio data management system

Reduced operational & compliance cost

Enhanced due diligence with KYC compliance

Zero complexity in new portfolio account opening

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