The Company

With hundred of millions of pages dating to the mid 1800’s, the National Library of Australia (NLA) has a treasure of books, newspapers, magazines, microfiche, microfilms and slides. With age, these were difficult to preserve and catalog. NLA looked to viable – read reliable and cost effective – options to convert these into searchable, content readable across all standard device forms..


Key Challenges

  • Limited availability of in house resources to meet TAT
  • Software licensing cost
  • Text extraction with 100% accuracy
  • Different output specifications by end customers
  • 24/7 support to meet end customer expectations

Key Outcomes Achieved

  • End to end clipping platform to convert content into multiple formats (PDF, Web ingestible XML, ALTO, METS, Image)
  • Manage the volume inflow effectively with 100% quality
  • Centralized web based publication and customer management
  • Independent of any paid external software
  • Effectively manage the flow during peak time
  • Scalable architecture – can go up to 1000 + concurrent users
  • Quick incorporation of any change request

Key Efficiency drivers

  • Production, quality and TAT monitoring through independent web portal
  • Mobile app for dashboards and reports
  • Integrated DMS, OCR, intelligent keyword search
  • Automated data archival and retention mechanism
  • 100% accuracy with multi format outputs
  • Role-based access and reports

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