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Fully Compliant CKYCR Integration Platform for Legal Entities (LEs)

Earmarked CKYCR Application Software Solutions for Legal Entities (LEs)

We provide CERSAI centralized KYC registry (CKYCR) API integration application software solutions including supply, installation, configuration, training & maintenance for SME, MSME & other Capital Loan Lenders.

KYC Compliance Challenges for Legal Entities (LEs)

Need for compliant Data Management System (DMS)

Lack of tool to integrate with Government data registry for bulk KYC upload/download

Complex customer onboarding & identity verification process

Growing demand for customer risk management & due diligence

Need for process automation & real-time customer KYC data insights

Web/Cloud Based CKYCR Application Integration Software for Individual / Legal Entities (LEs)

iSolve CKYC is a web/cloud based enterprise application software that helps individual & legal entities to capture/search/upload/download and manage client KYC details by integrating with CERSAI Centralized KYC Registry (CKYCR). We have bridged KYC compliance governance in several of our business clients.

With zero operational disruptions, our platform integrates your entity core data repository to the CERSAI CKYCR with Straight Through Processing (STP) method using a digital signature.

Our CKYC application integration software creates inter-usability of the KYC records across the organization to create an enhanced client-centric experience.

Enhanced Customer Due Diligence Management for Banks and Financial Institutes

Our Entity Related CKYCR Application Solutions

Automated bulk KYC upload/download

Bulk upload/download of KYC records from the Central KYC Registry by using the KYC Identifier using Straight Through Processing method- (STP)

Web/Cloud based CERSAI CKYCR API Integration

  • Fully compliant with CKYCR guidelines & KYC norms
  • Seamless API integration to CERSAI CKYCR for intelligent search & download of client info

API-based search & download solution

  • Search look-up through API to check whether the required CKYC is present in CERSAI database or not
  • Request for search/download of client KYC
  • Auto response generation of customer details for the request initiated by entity
Request of Update for KYC records

  • Intelligent process to initiate the bulk request of updates in the records of Central KYC Registry (CKYCR)
  • Receive alert notification/deficiency from CKYCR through Email/SMS to respective branch/user
Fully Automated Checker/Maker Functionality

  • Identification of De-duping of the customer at the time of onboarding
User Interface

  • API / Cloud / Web services which can be interfaced with multiple back offices simultaneously

Real-Time Analytics & Insights

  • Region Wise/Branch wise analytics of pending, uploading, and even uploaded CKYCR data
  • Real-time MIS Dashboard, duly displaying the details of accounts opened, uploaded, approved, rejected daily
  • Comprehensive insights with probable match, New Customer, Notification Management and Replicate Modification etc

Our Entity CKYC Application for Better Customer Experience

Enables inter-usability data promoting one-time KYC method
Enhanced KYC remediation eliminating potential risks
Ensures 100% data integrity

Better control of MIS reports & user management

Promotes a paperless environment eliminating physical documents
Secure CKYCR integration workflow through FTP and SSL encryption
Real-time data analytics to monitor the client KYC updates
100% increase in entity value proposition and client experience

Our CKYC Integration Solutions

CKYCR Integration for Banks & FIs

Fully compliant and automated CKYCR integration application software for banks, insurance & other financial reporting entities.

Video KYC for Digital Customer Onboarding

Stay ahead of the curve with our state of art video-kyc digital customer onboarding application solutions.

Aadhaar e-KYC Integration for NBFC’s

Simplify your investors & customers account opening with our intelligent Aadhaar based e-KYC api integration.

CKYCR Integration for Digital Payment Platform

Hassle-free CERSAI CKYCR API integration to bulk upload/download verified KYC customer records.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A Legal Entity is an individual, company, or organization that has legal rights and obligations including tax filings such as Corporations, Sole proprietorship, Limited liability companies (LLC) & other types of business forms.

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has ordered Reporting Entities (REs) to perform CKYCR data verification for accounts of Non-individuals / Legal Entities (LEs) opened on or after April 1st, 2021 in terms of the provisions of the Prevention of Money Laundering (Maintenance of Records) Rules, 2005. CERSAI has been formed by the Government of India and authorized to perform the functions of CKYCR.

Make Your Organization CKYCR Compliant!